Corazón®: the better flowering Oleander

We have made an assortment for you called Corazón®, which is best suited to our North European climate. These single-flower Corazón® Oleanders are different from, for instance, double-flower Oleanders in that the flower cluster of the Corazón® Oleander constantly yields new buds and can therefore flower from one flower cluster for months. The budding and blossoming of new flower clusters make that the Corazón® Oleander flowers very well and for a long period of time despite our relatively cool summers.

The Oleander Corazón® is cultivated under the Spanish sun, which after all is its natural environment, so that the best of the Spanish climate is taken on board. In winter the plants are transported to the Netherlands and replanted in the correct pot size and with potting soil especially suited for the plant. Subsequently, they are acclimatised in a cool greenhouse to ensure they will better stand the North European climate.


The Oleander Corazón® is available at various garden centres or flower shops from mid April onwards. If they do not have them in stock there, they can order them via their supplier, the Flower Auction Holland. There they are on offer until the end of June and sometimes even the beginning of July.

We hope you will enjoy your Oleander Corazón®.